How to Stay Fit and Healthy Wherever You Work

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Whether you are working from home or back in the office, finding ways to support your health and wellness throughout the day is key. For some, working from home may have made it easier to get extra movement in, but for those gearing up to head back into the office, it may be difficult to keep those healthy habits going.

According to a survey conducted by Pew Research Center, more than half of participants say working from home made it easier to balance work and personal life. 

Whether you’re at home or back at the office, keep your workout shoes handy because there are many ways to stay healthy and fit no matter where you are working from—here are a couple of them. 

1. Make Time for Exercise

Create a routine that includes regularly exercising that you will stick to. Incorporating physical activity through your workday can help increase your energy and productivity. 

Working from home has eliminated the need to commute to an office building, so instead of getting those extra minutes into sleep, try sticking to the same schedule and using that commute time for a morning workout. 

If you are back in the office getting used to commuting to work again, try switching up the commute by walking or biking to work.

2. Avoid Long Periods of Inactivity

According to research from the Mayo Clinic, sitting for long periods of time can cause several health concerns, such as high blood pressure. Whether you are at home or in an office working, you want to remain active. For example, as a remote worker, get a standing desk for your home office, or for those back in the office, try having standing or walking meetings. 

To get a quick burn at your desk at home or in the office, try adding in a 5-minute desk workout routine. For a breakdown of the desk workout routine and more tips on staying healthy and fit wherever you work, check out the infographic below compliments of adidas.