How to Use the Advanced Font Feature in Word to Enhance your Documents

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In this lesson you gain some valuable office skills by learning how to use the Advanced Fonts feature in the Font Dialog Box to create attractive documents that can be used for event flyers or invitations.  The Advanced Font formatting options allow you to enhance the visual appeal of your documents by allowing you to adjust character spacing, scale or compress your text and improve text readability by adjusting spacing between character pairs using Kerning.


  • Word 2013 or Word 2016
  • This project is using a background photo by Mike McDonald of Ember Studio and is licensed under CC BY
  • Open up the EventFlyer in Word
    1. Click the Design tab > Document Formatting Group
    2. Click the Theme Colors button in the  Document Formatting Group and click the Metropolitan option
    3. Select the first two lines of text in the document
    4. Click the Home Tab > Font Group and click the Font Group Dialog Box Launcher to open the Font Group dialog box.
    5. In the Font Group Dialog Box, select Gabriola from the Font List box  and in the font size box type 42.  Note you will see a preview of how your text will look at the bottom of the Font Dialog Box.
    6. Click the Advanced tab then do the following:
      1. Click the down arrow at the right side of the Scale option box and then click 90.
      2. Click the down arrow at the right side of the Spacing option box and then click Condensed from the drop down list
      3. Click in the Kerning for fonts check box to insert a check mark (this adjusts character spacing between character pairs.)
      4. Select the current measurement in the measurement box that displays to the right of the Kerning for fonts option and then type 14
      5. Click the down arrow at the right side of the Stylistic sets option box and scroll down the drop-down list that displays, and then click 6
      6. Click OK to close the dialog box
    7. With the two lines of text still selected, click the Home tab > Font group > Text Effects and Typography button
    8. Click the fill > White Outline:  Blue Accent color 1 Glow Blue Accent Color 1 option at the drop-down gallery.
    9. Select the body text and change the font to 16 point Papyrus then click the Center button in the Home tab > Paragraph Group

    10. Your document should look something look the following.  Print and Save your document as desired.