Simple Ideas for Designing your Small Office Space

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Trying to design your small office space for a new home business or study area can be daunting. With some clever use of space – you can make any small office space look like a dream to work in.

We often think that the smaller the space the less imaginative you can be with said space. This is where friends, family or a trusted friend known for their good deco skills may come in handy. By using their knowledge and perspective they just might be the key to helping you plan your own small office deco.

Fortunately for you, we have put a guide together to make designing your small office space a walk in the park. Here is our guide to a variety of ideas for designing your small office space

Build up, not wide

It’s extremely temping to make use of all the space available, however this can only make your office space appear even smaller than it already is. Why not try building or stacking a series of shelves to store your files, or stack small side drawers for your stationary and other miscellaneous pieces?

Contrasting functions

Noticed a split wall with a reasonably sized space on the other side? Why not double up this space with a small office and use the colors that already exist in the main room? Not only will this make decorating a breeze, but the efficient use of space means you won’t have to worry about freeing up extra room elsewhere.

Furniture Revival

If you find yourself not using a neglected corner or dining table, these pieces of furniture just might be the right places to lay down your laptop and fit in a comfortable chair. This goes for neglected rooms or a meter or two of space that you can squeeze a comfortable working station in to.

A Quiet Corner

If you’ve got a corner free in the house then there’s no better idea than pushing a small desk and chair into this area. A small shelf or chest of drawers will also fill the space nicely for your newly formed corner office. Bonus points if this corner is paired with a window for a great office view, making it the perfect retreat to get some work done.

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