10 Ways To Make Your Office Environment Greener & Healthier

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An increasing number of businesses around the world are beginning to change the way they work, placing a much bigger emphasis on the health and wellbeing of their employees. The general consensus is that a healthy employee is a happier employee, and therefore likely to be much more productive in the workplace; and the bigger picture is that this ultimately benefits the profit margins of the business.

Companies of all sizes are establishing health and wellbeing programmes for their staff, promoting everything from healthy eating and exercise, to mindfulness and meditation. However, one of the key ways in which a business can improve employee wellbeing is to make the working environment greener and more eco-friendly. Adopting a greener approach to business operations also helps the environment, and can even save the company money too, so it’s a no-brainer really!

In recent years there’s been a trend within the corporate world for investors to actively seek to be involved with greener companies; a company with a strong environmentally friendly policy is also a much more attractive option for many candidates when it comes to applying for roles.

Making greener changes within the working environment not only helps to reduce the carbon footprint of your company, it can also lower your overhead, thus increasing your profits. Going green in the workplace doesn’t have to cost employers a fortune; there are small, yet significant, changes that can be made over the course of time which all add up to a healthier working environment.

This infographic from Sovereign Planned Services Ltd details ten simple and effective ways that you can make your office environment a greener and better place to work. From simply turning off computer equipment and switching off lights when not in use, to setting up a carpooling scheme or allowing staff to telecommute, small changes can really make a difference.