25 Reasons to Integrate Live Chat into Your Business

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Case study after case study has proved that adding a live chat feature to an e-commerce website can help improve sales rates and foster customer loyalty. One of the reasons customers love to use chat is the fast response time as it only takes 48 seconds to answer a chat for the average company, according to the study.   Chat also appeals to all age groups and more than a third of older boomers are already using chat, the study notes.

Benefits of Live Chat

Here are just some of the benefits of live chat for e-commerce:

  • Sales Growth:  63% of customers claim they are more likely to return to a website with live chat service.
  • Customer Loyalty:  Up to 40% of online shoppers who use live chat are more likely to make an online purchase at least once a week versus those who have never used chat.

Why does Live Chat Work?

One of the reasons more and more companies are using live chat is that it increases productivity and the study noted that the average number of chats an agent handles a month is 274.  Agents who use live chat in Mexico, in particular, were found to have the most chat conversations – managing the highest volume of chats.

Chat usage rates have been constantly rising year over year according to the study and many companies are experiencing a significant rise in customer satisfaction ratings.  Real life examples that prove introducing live chat can do wonders for online businesses include reports from several renowned companies, including Orbitz, Dell, Sears, and Total Gym Fitness.

To learn more about how these companies increased their traffic, improved customer satisfaction, and raised their revenue with the help of live chat service, take a look at this comprehensive infographic from skilled.co.


Infographic Courtesy of Skilled.co