How Happy Employees Can Lead to a Happy Company (Infographic)

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How much does employee morale really matter to a business? Here’s a few facts which may lead you to the answer: employees who like their work are six times more likely to be engaged in their work, and 8% more productive, than those who don’t like their work.  Additionally, the most common reason cited for leaving a job was not poor wages, unsatisfactory hours or a lack of fringe benefits – it was due to a fractured relationship with management.

The relationship between management and staff is likely to be crucial to the success or failure of a business. It’s no secret that employees who like their job and are engaged in their work will be more productive, form better teams and strive harder to deliver on the company’s mission. Compare that with an unhappy workforce where employees are disenchanted with their jobs, have no loyalty to the company and are possibly lackadaisical about meeting deadlines. Which situation would management prefer? You’ve guessed it – the first one.

Therefore, managers should care about contributing positively to workplace morale, as people will naturally be more committed to those who show them respect in the first place. That said, it is a two-way street, and employees are also expected to be respectful towards management. This infographic shown below created by Ayers Management ( illustrates the indelible link between a happy workforce and a successful company.

Infographic courtesy of Colin Cuthbert of Ayers Management.