How to Edit PDFs on iOS Devices

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Guest post by Sandra Rodgers, Community Manager at

For about 15 years, Microsoft Office was pretty much the dominant software in use on office computers, and people needed it in order to perform the most basic tasks, such as typing an essay in MS Word, or for bookkeeping in MS Excel. Somewhere in the mid 2000’s, alternative office packs started appearing on the market, but those were still in early development with clunky user interfaces and MS Office was still the most popular without a doubt.

With the rise of smartphones and phone apps a few years later, Microsoft’s competitors got another chance to emerge, and this time they took that chance. However, those “early” apps were still inconvenient for use, ending up being nothing more than an icon on the screen rarely to be pressed.

MS Office mobile pack came in pretty late on the phone app market when compared to its competitors. That is why many people just recently started using their mobile apps. Despite arriving late in the game, Microsoft did what they do best and blew out their competitors once again with the best file editing apps on the market.

So we finally have good software for editing standard documents on our phones, but what happens when we receive a PDF? This is a very common format for people who work in journalism, sales, finance, schools, banking and many other professions. Editing and working with PDFs on a phone or tablet can be an extremely unpleasant experience. If you ever had to use several online tools or programs just to edit a couple of lines and words, you know what it’s like and you know it’s time to move on to newer and better apps.

Consvert PDFs to .docx Word files

Microsoft’s traditional .doc format got replaced with .docx with the release of MS Word 2007 and now is the default Word format. This is one of the most common types of editable formats that people use to convert their non-editable PDFs to. So, when found yourself with a PDF you need to convert to Word on your phone, try using PDF to Word for good conversion quality and easy access to your files.

PDF to Word released its third version in May 2016

PDF to Word is one of the finest pieces of software among the apps of its class. The quickness of the conversion engine and simplicity of the user interface are the two main features when it comes to conversion apps such as this one. Here are some other things that make PDF to Word such a great app:

● You can convert both scanned and organic PDFs, which further shows the power of the app’s conversion engine and its OCR (optic character recognition) software
● There are no limits on the number of conversions, which means you can convert as long as you have enough battery to do so
● Since the conversion is done on our servers, your phone or tablet won’t drain your device’s battery quickly
● Converted documents are presented to you in .docx format with all the right formatting, and with images and text in the same place as they were in the PDF

These features might sound complicated, but the designers did such a good job at making the interface simple that you don’t need too much familiarity with technology in order to use the app. Take a look what PDF to Word looks like inside:

On the main page you can see there are multiple importing options. Besides the standard phone memory, you can import PDFs from several integrated services: Gmail, Dropbox, Box and OneDrive. Each one of these integrated services requires you to have a profile and be logged on to the service. After selecting the file you wish to convert, your converted file will appear under the integrated service tab.  Get the iTunes PDF to Word app.

PDFs to .xlsx Excel files

If your job depends more on using Excel, spreadsheets, financial technicalities and numbers then you will be glad to know that PDF to Word has a sister app, PDF to Excel. PDF to Excel has all the qualities of its PDF to Word counterpart, however with one crucial advantage – the .xlsx file is optimized for instant viewing and immediate analysis.

PDF to Excel has 3D Touch Quick Actions

PDF to Excel extracts data from PDF tables into editable Excel spreadsheets. Therefore, you don’t need to rewrite your report from scratch or make new tables, you can simply use data from other existing documents. Just download this free app, follow these instructions and get your work done more efficiently.

As you can see, the user interface is basically the same as with PDF to Word, except for a couple of little details.

Whether you need to edit your business report, analyze data more carefully or write a completely new report, PDF to Excel is an app that will definitely save you time and increase productivity.  It’s a must-have app in your business toolkit.

Make sure you check out other apps and resources Cometdocs has to offer or get the iTunes PDF to Word app here.