8 tech terms you should know

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Everyone these days is throwin’ out tech terms, using them in normal conversation like it’s nothing. But do any of these people – or you, for that matter – actually know what these terms mean? If not, here’s a quick list of 8 commonly used tech terms to get your mind prepped.

Web App

A web app is a website that looks and feels like an app. You can access a web app from your browser just like any other website. But unlike traditional websites, a web app allows you to access other components of the site without reloading it. An example of a web app could be Buffer, Dropbox, or the web version of the Microsoft productivity suite.

Front End Development

There’s the backend of a website or app and then there’s the frontend. The frontend is everything a user sees and interacts with, like the fonts, colors, menus, and buttons. Some people like to say that the frontend is what makes the website or app look ‘pretty.’


It’s important not to think of your keyword as one word. Your keyword can be as long or as short as you need it to be. This word or set of words should encompass the main idea of your webpage and should be incorporated within your Meta Description. Typically, the longer the keyword is, the more specific it is.


Any malicious software meaning to do harm to your computer or other connected devices is considered malware. This includes viruses, adware, trojans, and worms.

Long Tail Keywords

When you start getting into very specific keywords, they become long tail keywords. This type of keyword is usually applied to blog posts or other content-heavy material. An example would be going from “potty training animals” to “potty training a small dog in an apartment.”


IT stands for information technology, and it refers to all the hardware and devices within your business that sends, stores, and receives data.


An MSP stands for managed service provider, and it is a company who fully manages another company’s technology. Within this MSP, there are a handful of technicians who provide their clients with preventative hardware maintenance and routine network monitoring. The goal is to prevent IT issues from occurring and avoid downtime.

Content Marketing

All the content you push online – through social media, vlogging, blogging, cornerstone pieces, and the likes – is considered content marketing. It builds up your brand, focuses on key areas, and can help your business attract new leads and maintain the attention of current consumers.