6 tech resolutions your business should make for the New Year

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As you and your coworkers move into the New Year, there are probably a million and one things on your list to-do, to-see, and to-think-about. But one thing your business should definitely shine a high beam on is technology.

Technology has the power to take your business to that next level. It can make your business look better, be better, and perform better. But where exactly should you start? It’s simple, really. Here are a few tech resolutions you should make for the New Year.

Be kind to your data.

When you lose your data, it isn’t fun. Imagine all that downtime you accumulate and all that money you have to spend trying to get it back… it’s no walk in the park, that’s for sure. So in the coming year, you should make it a top priority to back up all your data at all times. Use a professional-grade solution and partner with a quality IT company. This way, if something ever does happen to your data (like an extra-large soda from McDonalds or a fun string of Ransomware), it can all be recovered with ease in no time at all.

Keep your accounts secure.

Data breaches are happening all around us, and they aren’t going away anytime soon. So if you are going to make any tech resolutions for the New Year, then make it this one. Keep your accounts secure and private with rock-solid passwords and proper password hygiene. Never write your credentials down, change them regularly, and never get them out to anyone.

Use new technologies.

Don’t be afraid to use new technologies to help your business move ahead of the competition. Explore virtual reality, get into wearables, branch into smart gadgets, and consider a drone or two. It might sound crazy and off-the-wall to incorporate these technologies into your small to medium-sized business, but in all actuality, it’s really not. Consumers expect to see these technologies move into normal businesses. So do what you can to get there before your competition does.

Don’t forget those web apps.

Apps are here to help. They can do so much for you and your team… you just need to find the right ones to use. A good place to start is to determine what your team needs help with. Is it communication? Project management? Time management? Collaboration in general? Whatever it is, there’s this thing called Google. Google your need, and you’ll be greeted with article after review after blog on apps of all sizes and shapes. It’s basically magic.

Show your hardware some love.

The better your hardware performs, the better your business can perform. But, this will require some effort on your part. You’ll need to find a cost-efficient way to supply your hardware with routine maintenance and regular updates. Keep your hardware well-oiled and you’ll avoid downtime and preserve productivity.

Set boundaries.

While technology is great and all, it can do some damage to your productivity if you take it too far for too long. Encourage your coworkers to set boundaries with the technology they rely on to complete their everyday tasks. For example, ask them to take a 15-minute break outside every two hours or so. You could even promote the 20-20-20 rule… every 20 minutes, stare at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This will help you and your coworkers protect your eyes from the damaging effects of staring at a screen all day.