Windows 10: 5 Reasons to Hold Off

Search with Ctrl + F Last updated: 2022-07-28

The release of Windows 10 has been one of great anticipation. It’s all over the internet. There’s plenty of praise regarding the new features such as Cortana, Edge, scheduled restarts, multiple desktops and universal apps. However, you’ve waited this long… So, why not wait a little longer?

Windows 10 won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Here are 5 reasons to hold off.

Take out the bug spray.

It’s bound to happen. There will be issues and you’ll have to wait as Microsoft sorts through them. There have already been a few issues during pre-release that have gotten some people pretty riled up. So, keep what you have for now and wait for the bugs to be discovered and exterminated. Once you decide to jump over to Windows 10, you’ll have a far less stressful experience.

If they’re old, they might not make the journey.

Microsoft has stated that if you have older hardware (printers and scanners included), they may not work properly with Windows 10. Unless you’re willing to go out and purchase new peripherals, you may want to wait a little longer.

One. Whole. Year.

If you meet the requirements for a free upgrade, there’s no reason you shouldn’t wait for at least a little while. Like mentioned previously, the whole bug thing can really put a damper on your user experience. Wait a few months and get a whole year of Windows 10 instead of half a year of glitches.

Microsoft doesn’t mess around with the outdated.

If you’re computer barely meets Microsoft’s requirements to run Windows 10, switching your operating system may not be worth the hassle. You may experience more issues than your elderly PC can handle. If you’re not willing to update your printer, odds are you’re not willing to update your computer either. In this case, waiting is probably in your best interest.

Windows Media Center has no home here.

Windows 10 does not have Windows Media Center. So, if you’re still using WMC for some odd reason and you make the switch to Windows 10, you’ll never, ever see your precious media center again. If it’s that important to you, once again, hold off.