How to Effectively Communicate With Clients in a Digital Landscape

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The world has changed drastically in the last couple of years. According to experts, the pandemic of 2020 has accelerated digital transformation in our world by around 7 years.

Now, your customers are better equipped for virtual conversations and online interactions than ever before.

Many companies are still uncertain about what the future of client/company relationships might look like after the pandemic dies down.

However, specialists generally agree that there will be a higher demand for safer, virtual conversations. The companies that were previously used to endless phone calls and face-to-face demonstrations will need a new way of staying connected.

Here are some top tips on how to effectively communicate with your clients in the digital age.

Consider Text-Based Channels

Many customers became much more familiar with text and messaging as a mode of communication during the pandemic.

Thanks to the all-pervasiveness of remote work, most people are comfortable keeping in touch with their colleagues through live chat applications like Slack and Teams.

Many also have interactions with colleagues through social media and connect with peers via LinkedIn.

Now that your customers are more comfortable with typing queries and chatting to people through online apps, it makes sense to add more text-based channels to your roster.

This could mean starting with chatbots and live chat applications on your website or even connecting with customers through the chat tools they’re already using, like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

Don’t forget the value of other text-based communication strategies, either.

SMS is a great option for people who might not always be active online, while emails work for all those conversations that don’t have to be conducted instantly.

Having a range of text-based solutions that enable your customers to reach you can make simple conversations feel a lot more straightforward and agile.

Embrace Video Conferencing

One of the most significant changes we have seen during the last year and a half was a sudden shift away from face-to-face interactions.

Remote employees and people working in the cloud are now spending less time commuting to connect with colleagues and clients from different environments.

On the plus side, this means fewer travel expenses for companies who need to demo their products to clients.

On the other hand, it’s often difficult to build a relationship with customers if you don’t have a chance to see them face-to-face.

The best alternative for in-person interactions in the digital world is the rise of video conferencing.

It’s easier than ever for customers to log into a video call and feel like they’re talking to salespeople and professionals in an office environment.

You can use virtual backgrounds if you’re working from home to make the experience feel more professional and build the kind of relationships that depend on facial expression and body language.

Video conferencing is also great for sharing files, screens, and contextual information.

Build Your Own Business App

What better way to ensure your customers always have an easy way to contact you than your own dedicated business app?

Mobile apps have a lot of benefits in today’s digital age, including giving your customers an easy way to keep track of your latest products and sales—and building your communication strategy.

If your customer has a problem when browsing through the products listed on your app, they can use a communication feature to talk to a live agent right there and then.

This reduces the risk of you missing out on sales.

If customers need to track the delivery of an order or check on when their subscription goes out of date, they can look over their account details without having to call and wait for a rep.

Digital apps simplify client communication by giving your customers more access to the information they need to make important decisions.

What’s more, when a customer messages or contacts you from an app, your agents can see the account that the client is connected with. This makes it easier to collect contextual information like product purchases and order details, so that service can be provided as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Are You Ready For the Age of Digital Communication?

As companies and their customers become increasingly digital, it’s important to ensure that you have the right strategies in place to ensure ongoing success.

Investing in chat-based and video tools—and even your own company app—is the perfect way to impress customers, earn their loyalty, and achieve more sales.

Author Bio:  Michelle Laurey works as a VA for small businesses. She loves talking business, and productivity, and share her experience with others. Outside her keyboard, she spends time with her Kindle library or binge-watching Billions. Her superpower? Vinyasa flow! Talk to her on Twitter @michelle_laurey.