These Small Business Steps Can Help You Stay Strong After the Coronavirus

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Guest post by Elena Stewart

Non-essential small businesses have been hit hard by the coronavirus shutdown. As restrictions ease up and companies continue to find their new normal, it’s easy to feel frustrated. Fortunately, there are many ways your small business can turn things around and come back stronger than ever.

Start Fresh with Innovative Strategies

As you may have found during the lockdown, connections are key in the online business world. Consider innovative strategies for finding your audience and growing it, too.

  • Set up your Google My Business listing to ensure customers can find you in person.
  • If you haven’t already, get online with social media for your brand.
  • Make adaptations when it comes to tech and networking.
  • Look to grants and other financial resources to help with upgrades.

Establish Remote Work as the New Norm

Depending on the scope and size of your business, keeping some workers remote could help your bottom line.

  • Consider the long-term benefits (and savings) of having a (mostly) work-from-home staff.
  • Focus on collaboration while entering (or exiting) the remote age with your company.
  • Take a proactive approach to cyber security to limit risks associated with remote work.

Improve Your Storefront While Things Are Slow

Whether you are re-opening soon or need to wait a bit longer, now might be the time for in-store improvements.

  • Be ready to apply social distancing rules so business is disrupted as little as possible.
  • Think about installing sneeze guards and other worker protection components.
  • Buy and install items like new carpet to make your retail space look more inviting.

If your business has been fortunate enough to have weathered COVID-19 so far, you are likely remaining vigilant on ways to stay open and generate a profit. With new strategies and techniques for running your business, plus a few safety and operating upgrades, you’ll be poised for progress. With confidence — and a healthy dose of caution — you can put your new business plan into action.

Author Bio:  Elena made the jump from a corporate job she wasn’t entirely happy with, to running her own business that gives her the financial freedom and flexible lifestyle she’s always wanted. As a life coach, she now gets the happiness of helping others get to the places that might seem out of reach. Visit her website at: