What Workers Need to Perform their Best

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International office suppliers Viking have compiled results from nine surveys conducted across the last three years to reveal what UK workers need to perform at their best.

The surveys consulted almost 14,000 people about their workplaces, what keeps them engaged and what they struggle with. Topics from mental health support to art in the office were covered to reveal what needs improving.

Viking has used the data to produce a guide for employers, highlighting the most significant needs and wants of what today’s employees. The top 10 demands uncovered, ranked by how many people want them, are:

  1. Employees need more information about Display Screen Equipment Safety:
  • 58% of British workers are sat for over five hours a day at work
  • 8 in 10 (82%) worry about the impact this will have on their health

2.  Workers need more support on mental health:

  • 6 in 10 (60%) workers have negative thoughts about their job more than once a week
  • Almost half of employees (48%) work over their contracted hours at least once a week
  • 43% say they feel unpleasant pressure to succeed at least once a week

3.  Managers need mental health training:

  • Nearly Two-thirds (65%) of managers have never had useful mental health training
  • The same amount has been approached with a mental health problem

4.  Employees want to work remotely:

  • 6 in 10 people (60%) want to work from home for some of their working week

5.  Lunch breaks need to be protected:

  • Almost two-thirds (65%) work through their lunch break at least once a week

6. Half of people (51%) want to work a four-day week, working longer hours Monday to Thursday

7.  Offices need more art:

  • Half of people (50%) think every office should have art
  • 53% think it makes them happier and less stressed

8.  Workers need more information about social media policies:

  • 51% didn’t even know if their workplace had one

9.  Annoying office habits should be curbed:

  • Colleagues being late, complaining all the time and eating smelly foods are amongst the things that made 4 in 10 people (41%) think about leaving their job

10.  Employers should not ban social media:

  • 29% say it would make them less productive

Author Bio:  Andy Jones, Andy Jones who is the SEO and Digital Marketing Strategist at Viking