Must-Have Free Apps for Working Parents (infographic)

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Many of you will have heard the expression ‘Work hard, play hard’, but for working parents it seems to be work hard and then work even more when they get home. Being committed to a busy office career isn’t easy to begin with but balancing a family life with all of that can just be stress overload. This infographic from HappyCleans will hopefully help you at least a little to try and manage everything.

It takes you through a range of apps that will essentially save you time. Many working parents fall into the trap of letting tasks just pile up and sometimes they can seem like they’re never ending. It’s important that when you come home from the office that at least some of the housework is done. Apps like Chorma can help you here as it encourages the kids to partake in housework by turning it into a competition. Okay, they’re not going to have the place spotless when you arrive home, but even if they got a few small tasks done, it would give you maybe an extra hour to relax in the evenings.

Even if you have a good office job, you may run into some problems with budgeting at home. Everything is so expensive and kids just cost a lot of money. Apps like Mint can help you here as they allow you to keep better track of all expenditures and even suggests ways you can save. Sometimes end of months can be tough until payday if you’ve spent too much during the month. Find out about all of the apps in the infographic below and why not download a few and try them out?.