How to Re-use (import) Slides from other Presentations

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If you have frequently used content in other presentations, you can import it into your current presentation without even having to open up the file.  By importing slides, you will essentially be creating a copy of the original content for re-use and it will not effect the original presentation.  You can choose to keep the original formatting of the slide(s) you’re importing or they will inherit the design of your current presentation by default.

You can also import slides from a Slide Library if your organization uses SharePoint which allows you to share and reuse PowerPoint slides stored in the library.  To use slides stored in your company Slide Library, select the Open a Slide Library instead of Open a PowerPoint File to locate your presentations in step 3 below.

  1. Click on the Slide 2 thumbnail or the slide thumbnail where you want to import a slide
  2. Click the Home tab > Slides Group and click the arrow below New Slide and then select Reuse Slides

  3. The Reuse Slides Pane will appear.  In the Reuse Slides pane, select Open a PowerPoint File.
  4. In the Browse dialog box, navigate to the folder where the presentation file resides that contains the slide that you want to add and then click Open.  In our example, we’re inserting the slides in the hiking-days presentation. The slides will appear in the Reuse Slides Pane.
  5. The Reuse Slides pane will display thumbnails of the available slides.  In the Reuse slides pane, right click on the first slide and choose Insert All slides .  Alternatively, if you only want to add one slide, just click the slide you want to add.  The slides will appear in your presentation.
  6. If you want to preserve the formatting of the source presentation, check the “Keep Source” formatting option otherwise the slides will inherit the design of your current presentation by default.

    Sample of the presentation with only 1 slide imported.

If you choose to insert all the slides, your presentation will contain 7 slides as shown below:

Sample of all slides imported into the presentation.