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Microsoft is currently offering a free download of 3 handy ebooks that will guide you on how to Get Started with OneDrive, Outlook 2016 and OneNote 2016.   Depending on your computer’s operating system, you may need to install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software to open, view, or print the eBooks.

OneDrive – A Web App

The first e-Book presents a nice overview and introduction to OneDrive and covers a range of helpful material for getting started with the OneDrive or learning more skills if you’re already familiar.   Learn all about OneDrive, how to add files using your computer or the OneDrive website, get files from your phone or tablet, and create, edit, and share Office docs on the go.  Sharing and collaborating is also covered.

If you haven’t started working in the Cloud and using OneDrive yet, you can learn more about it and how to sign up for your Microsoft account here.

The second eBook is Outlook 2016 Tips & Tricks which is full of handy tips to help you find a better, or faster way of doing something in Outlook 2016.  This eBook will introduce you to hidden features, techniques, and timesavers specifically for Windows users.  The eBook is broken down into the following 12 sections:

  1. Get to your inbox fast
  2. Stop hunting for attachments
  3. Where’s the Bcc field?
  4. Get rid of outdated Auto-Complete addresses
  5. Know when to Delete and when to Archive
  6. Lightning-fast shortcuts for search
  7. Set an Automatic Reply for your vacation
  8. Turn a message into a meeting
  9. Jump around Outlook with ease
  10. Add a personal signature to messages
  11. Change the Outlook colors
  12. Find your Outlook on the web address

The third eBook is OneNote 2016 Tips and Tricks created for both existing and new users who are seeking those hidden features, shortcuts, techniques, and timesavers that will make using OneNote 2016 for Windows so much easier.  This informative eBook contains the following 16 sections:

  1. Get to your notes fast
  2. Add a design when creating new pages
  3. Add guides for handwriting and drawing
  4. indent and outdent with shortcut keys
  5. Rearrange your thoughts and ideas
  6. Tag important notes for easy follow-up
  7. Take action on tagged notes
  8. Skip the calculator and do math in any note
  9. Take screen clippings and instantly file them
  10. Don’t feel like typing?  record audio!
  11. Search audio notes just like normal text
  12. Add a table of contents to a notebook
  13. Build a wiki with easy links
  14. Swap the page list from right to left
  15. Keep your notebook structure visible
  16. Put a digital sticky note on your screen

If you also like to learn by video training, here’s a a few free video tutorials from Microsoft on Getting Started with OneDrive, Getting Started with Outlook 2016 and What is OneNote?.