Free Office Online Webinar – Getting Started

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Office 365 is by far the most sophisticated and powerful Office Suite Microsoft has ever released and Office Online is the free version of this software that combines the most commonly used Office features that allows users to collaborate for free with friends and family on shared documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and notebooks.

Recently several visitors to our website have been asking for solid training materials on how to best use the free versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote so we’ve provided a list below of links to Microsoft’s free webinars that provide some basic training on how to get started using Office Online.  All you need to view the webinars is an internet connection and a browser.

  • A Guide to Office Online:  Microsoft recently released this free 15 minute Webinar on how to get started using Office Online including how to store and share docs with OneDrive.  The webinar also covers some of the latest features of Office Online and how to work on a document with someone else at the same time.  All you need to view the webinar is an internet connection and a browser.
  • Starting from Scratch with Office Online – Learn how to start working on a document with Office Online and share photos with OneDrive using a Gmail account.
  • Getting Started with OneDrive (article & video)

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