Expert Advice for Assessment Centers

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Employers want to know as much about their potential candidates as possible so they can feel confident making the right hire. When you’re applying for a job, companies may invite you to an assessment centre as part of the hiring process. This is typically the case for roles in technical fields (such as engineering) or when applying for positions at large, competitive companies. Rather than a single interview, assessment centres can take several days and are used to see how prospects react to simulated scenarios and perform in aptitude tests.

The biggest difference compared to standard interviews is that assessment centers will deal with groups of candidates throughout the day, rather than everything being one-on-one. Working with other people who are also looking to be hired for the same role can seem daunting, but group scenarios are used so employers can see how well you cope with unfamiliar situations. You should take a balanced approach to your assessment centre performance – speaking up when you have a good idea without dominating at every opportunity. Employers want to see diplomacy and communication, as well as leadership skills and decision-making.

Attending an assessment centre can be a stressful experience as everything you say and do will contribute towards your chances of success – sometimes even how you spend your breaks! A strong performance shows employers how well you’ll integrate yourself in their company, so check out the infographic below to learn what to expect, how to physically and mentally prepare yourself, and how to make sure you stand out from the other prospects.


Infographic courtesy of Viking